The Green Bird in B&W

Gday IFC!

Today I decided to use an underrated plane, the 77L in an underrated livery, Iraqi Airways and flew from ORBI (Baghdad) to OPKC (Karachi) which I believe is even an underrated route.

Anyways I did the flight, took some shots but one in particular stood out, I felt I captured a great angle and found out it also looks great in Black and White.

(I had to change the ratio to 16:9 cause the original format wouldn’t upload. So it looks more zoomed in than it actually is)

I’d definitely try using the Iraqi Airways 77L! I thinks it’s a beautiful livery which definitely doesn’t get enough attention. I’m doing a lot of exploring of the Middle East at the moment because I feel there is much more to it in its scenery other than places like OMDB. I’ll probably share more screenshots of hidden treasures of the Middle East in the future.



Thanks for sharing!

Please switch the category to #screenshots-and-videos :)

Oops forgot about that. Thx for reminding me

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No problem love the picture!

Nice shot man!😜

I really like your picture, good job, nice plane!

I love the 777 200 lr

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