The Greatest World Tour | 22.7 E175 Celebration Challenge

Hello, everyone on the IFC! Welcome to the tracking thread of the great world tour with the E175! I’m sure y’all don’t want much writing and more routes and facts, so here goes nothing!

E175 World Tour Facts:

Longest Leg: HECA-HKJK (2,193 miles)
Shortest Leg: PHOG-PHNL
# of Continents: 6
# of Legs: 86 Segment Path
Aircraft/Livery: E175 Tulip Biz Jet

Table of Legs

Country/s Dep. City Name Arr. City Name Dep. ICAO Arr. ICAO Completed
United States Denver Chicago KDEN KORD Complete
United States Chicago Boston KORD KBOS Complete
United States/Canada Boston St. Johns KBOS CYYT
Canada/Iceland St. Johns Reykjavik CYYT BIKF
Iceland/Scotland Reykjavik Edinburgh BIKF EGPH
Scotland/Belgium Edinburgh Brussels EGPH EBBR
Belgium/Switzerland Brussels Geneva EBBR LSGG
Switzerland/France Geneva Nice LSGG LFMN
France/Tunisia Nice Tunis LFMN DTAA
Tunisia/Egypt Tunis Cairo DTAA HECA
Egypt/Kenya Cairo Nairobi HECA HKJK
Kenya/Seychells Nairobi Seychells HKJK FSIA
Seychells/Maldives Seychells Gan FSIA VRMG
Maldives Gan Male VRMG VRMM
Maldives/Sri Lanka Male Colombo VRMM VCBI
Sri Lanks/Nepal Colombo Kathmandu VCBI VNKT
Nebal/Buhtan Kathmandu Paro VNKT VQPR
Buhtan/Hong Kong Paro Hong Kong VQPR VHHX
Hong Kong/Singapore Hong Kong Singapre VHHX WSSS
Singapre/Australia Singapre Darwin WSSS YPDN
Australia Darwin Sydney YPDN YSSY
Australia/New Zealand Sydney Auckland YSSY NZAA
New Zealand/Cook Islands Auckland Amuri NZAA NCAI
Cook Islands/Tonga Amuri Tonga NCAI NFTF
Tonga/Fiji Tonga Nadi NFTF NFFN
Fiji/Marshall Islands Nadi Majuro Atoll NFFN PKMJ
Marshall Islands/Wake Island Majuro Atoll Wake Island PKMJ PWAK
Wake Island/Midway Atoll Wake Island Midway Atoll PWAK PMDY
Midway Atoll/United States Midway Atoll Lihue PMDY PHLI
United States Lihue Hilo PHLI PHTO
United States Hilo Kahului PHTO PHOG
United States Kahului Honolulu PHOG PHNL
United States/Johnston Island Honolulu Johnston Atoll PHNL PJON
Johnston Island/Wake Island Johnston Atoll Wake Island PJON PWAK
Wake Island/United States Wake Island Guam PWAK PGUM
United States/Taiwan Guam Taipei PGUM RCTP
Taiwan/China Taipei Shanghai RCTP ZSPD
China/South Korea Shanghai Seoul ZSPD RKSI
South Korea/Japan Seoul Fukuoka RKSI RJFF
Japan Fukuoka Shizuoka RJFF RJNS
Japan Shizuoka Tokyo (Haneda) RJNS RJTT
Japan Tokyo (Haneda) Sapporo RJTT RJCC
Japan/Russia Sapporo Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky RJCC UHPP
Russia/United States Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Adak Island UHPP PADK
United States Adak Island Atka PADK PAAK
United States Atka St. Paul Island PAAK PASN
United States St. Paul Island Barrow PASN PABR
United States Barrow Juneau PABR PAJN
United States/Canada Juneau Vancouver PAJN CYVR
Canada/United States Vancouver San Diego CYVR KSAN
United States/Mexico San Diego Cabo San Lucas KSAN MMSL
Mexico Cabo San Lucas Zihuatanejo MMSL MMZH
Mexico/Guatamala Zihuatanejo Guanajuato MMZH MMGT
Guatamala/Panama Guanajuato Panama City MMGT MPTO
Panama/Columbia Panama City Bogota MPTO SKBO
Columbia/Peru Bogota Lima SKBO SPJC
Peru/Chile Lima Santiago SPJC SCEL
Chile/Argentina Santiago Buenos Aires SCEL SAEZ
Argentina/Brazil Buenos Aires Sao Paulo SAEZ SBSP
Brazil Sao Paulo Rio de Janerio SBSP SBRJ
Brazil Rio de Janerio Belem SBRJ SBBE
Brazil/Guyana Belem Ogle SBBE SYEC
Guyana/Trinidad Ogle Port of Spain SYEC TTPP
Trinidad/Barbados Port of Spain Bridgetown TTPP TBPB
Barbados/Antigua Bridgetown Saint John’s TBPB TAPA
Antigua/Sint Maarten Saint John’s Sint Maarten TAPA TNCM
Sint Maarten/Puerto Rico Sint Maarten San Juan TNCM TJSJ
Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic San Juan Punta Cana TJSJ MDPC
Dominican Republic/Jamacia Punta Cana Kingston MDPC MKJP
Jamacia/Cayman Islands Kingston Grand Cayman MKJP MWCR
Cayman Islands/Bahamas Grand Cayman Nassau MWCR MYNN
Bahamas/United States Nassau Key West MYNN KEYW
United States/Mexico Key West Cancun KEYW MMUN
Mexico Cancun Mexico City MMUM MMMX
Mexico/United States Mexico City San Antonio MMMX KSAT
United States/Mexico San Antonio Chihuahua KSAT MMCU
Mexico/United States Chihuahua Phoenix MMCU KPHX
Unites States Phoenix Boise KPHX KBOI
United States Boise Kalispell KBOI KGPI
United States/Canada Kalispell Calgary KGPI CYYC
Canada Calgary Edmonton CYYC CYEG
Canada/United States Edmonton Jackson Hole CYEG KJAC
United States Jackson Hole Eagle County KJAC KEGE
United States Eagle County Denver KEGE KDEN
  • All flights are based on an ETOPS of 120 minutes. Some routes are pushing the limit, but that is what I could do or wanted to do.

  • I also do not expect to be finishing this very quickly. If the E190 is released during this challenge, the aircraft will not be flown on it. The E190 will hopefully have its challenge!

  • GC-Map Route

Photos of the adventure will be posted here!

Let me know what your favorite leg is and what you’re most excited to see this jet do!

You’re probably asking why I am doing 86 legs worldwide in an E175. I have lost my sanity and am ready to scream my head off trying to land on the tiny pacific airstrips!


First: amazing livery choice ;)
Second: good luck and have fun, let’s hope you’ll make it to the end!

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Thank you so much!

I look forward to getting to know your livery!

This looks incredible! 🤩 Amazing plan hope it all goes smoothly. Good luck!

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Flight 1 Complete

Route: KDEN - KORD
Flight Time: 1 hr 43 min
Notes: Smooth Sailing!


Flight 2 Complete

Route: KORD - KBOS
Flight Time: 1 hr 45 min
Notes: None


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