The Great Trans-American Race @ [CANCELLED] KSEA - 171600ZDEC17

Server: Casual Server


Airport: KSEA

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Hightail across the American continent in your fastest aircraft!

Sorry everyone, but this event has been cancelled due to the upcoming update. The addition of autopilot to fighters as well as the update time differences kind of ruins it. Not saying the update is bad at all, just saying it kind of defeats the purpose of the event. Thanks for understanding!


1 1/2 hour without autopilot; Is that even possible?

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Yeah, in my last event 3 people went without it for 2 hours across the Atlantic! It’s possible alright!

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Aren’t all planes restricted to 350 knots or Mach 0.9 in casual? How will a faster plane help?

Casual has no Violations. The aircraft will still say “overspeeding”, but you can still go as fast as you please without violations

Wait really? I already got a violation for going 250+ knots under 10,000

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You were probably on training server

that makes sense. I’m not sure what I was thinking

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So will there be someone there to start the race? Or are we going to time ourselves?

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I’ll be there, read the questions section.

If by some chance we have a KC-10 by then may we use one?

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Sure, I don’t see why not! Should I sign you up?

Have to check Holidays, I’ll get back to you later

I definetly want to do this but need to know I can be there

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I am sorry, I will be in mountain so no time to fly. In last event I have problem with connection and than I lost my plane thanks to AP disengage when I was out of my device. :-/ So no out of fuel you think… I was on JFK in 2:27 thank to this problem…

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