The Great South American Showdown Part 1

Hello great community! Pardon my lack of contribution. That’s what happens when you’re an adult and real word priorities are important. But, as I have managed to get caught up on school items, it is time to fly! The goal for the next 2-3 weeks is to fly most of the South American routes flown with all the included S.A aircraft/liveries in the simulator! So, here they are! Photos contain captions and as always, thanks for taking a look!

LATAM A321 flying from EZE to GYE over the rugged Argentina mountains.
LATAM Ecuador A319 departing GYE to SCL.
Above and below was a round trip to Easter Island with the only scheduled service by LATAM with the 787-9 from SCL

Departing Santiago with the LATAM A319 to GYE again.

El Dorado is a neat airport to do low "kai tak style" approaches. From GYE, It was off to BOG flying Avianca. It's been a mere years since I've last flown the Avianca A318 so I decided to fly it! Shame AVA gave it up years ago.
A round trip to San Andres island with the A320.
From Bogota, it's off to Quito! Fly the A319 in the present LATAM livery.
Finally, a flight to Lima with LATAM peru! I don't know the names of the three volcanoes in the photo, but it's a nice shot!

Photos were taken on the Expert server with edits made on Adobe Lightroom!