The Great Salt Lake Chasm

Today I decided to do a flight from KSLC-RJAA and while I was flying over the Great Salt Lake I noticed there was a pit on the western side of it so I ended my flight and hopped into a Spitfire on solo to see what it was. Does anyone else see this over the Salt Lake? Is this a glitch?


You see, there was a huge Jurassic park style crocodile living under it with insufficient salt levels, so it just 🍹 and that was the end of it. Case closed


So it had a margarita? What?


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Honestly looks like so much fun to fly around in.

No I meant it just had a drink- the lake

Wow that’s awesome

It kind of was. Until I crashed into the side wall. It’s about 4-5k feet deep.

I think the real Area 51 is here. The “fake” Area 51 is just a display. Change your raid to here guys lol. What’s the gps coordinates to here?

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Here is the location.

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if your plane isnt hijacked, can i see the aliens pleaseeeeeeee lmao Area51.2

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It looks to be some sort of island irl

That’s wacky