"The great return"

Well i am kind of back here again after being suspended + inactive for a long time (1 month only lol)

Onto that time interval, i did some great flights with some of my bros from IG.
But today, i am only gonna post my recent flight with LH Cargo 77F from KDFW-EDDF.

Username: “EI-ATH”
Server: Expert Server
Flight Route: KDFW-EDDF
Flight Time: 9h 11m
Remarks: None
Editing Software (If you need it:) Lightroom

On the cargo stands waiting for cargo with one of my best mates on IG

Darkshot while in-flight above the atlantic

On final approach after 9h and 11mins, landed fine on 07R

Thats it folks, does my pics look good or still need some improvements?


They still look great! The second one is pure fire!