The Great Norwegian Tour

Hey guys! I want to share my simple project for this week, A 10-legged Norwegian Tour using real-life flights and aircrafts! I will start with the capital, Oslo, and visit the 9 busiest airports in Norway plus one for Svalbard. Today is the first day and I have done 2 flights already and I’ll just update you guys for the next 3-5 days until I reach my final destination, Longyearbyen (ENSB)! If I am already done, and if you saw the 10 routes, feel free to recreate these flights to admire Norway’s beauty!, Even though fjords can’t be seen yet lol. I apologize for the bland photos, as I am not a great photographer like most of you 😂

Day 1 - Saturday, Mar. 6, 2021
SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK4104 / SAS26K - Boeing 737-800
DEP - (OSL / ENGM) Gardermoen Airport, Oslo - 8:35 AM
ARR - (BOO / ENBO) Bodø Airport, Bodø - 10:05 AM

Departure From Gardermoen Airport (OSL / ENGM)


Cruising at 39,000 feet

Arriving at Bodo Airport

Wideroe Flight WF615 / WIF5UR - Bombardier Q400
DEP - (BOO / ENBO) Bodø Airport, Bodø - 2:50 PM
ARR - (BGO / ENBR) Flesland Airport, Bergen - 4:45 PM

On the ramp at Bodo (No takeoff pics as it was a disaster because of the winds HAHAHA)

Cruising at an altitude of 24,000 ft

On the ramp of Bergen Airport, with a plane flown by @Edvin_Bakke! it was fun having company during landing, but I am still curious on why Mr. Bakke flew north and made a 130 degree left turn to follow me to Bergen. Anyways, I appreciate his company and it made this leg more interesting!

Hope you enjoyed Day 1 and the first two legs, I’ll be back soon for more Norway! Have a nice day guys!

P.S. It is my first time posting outside the support category so it would greatly appreciated if you correct any of my mistakes as I am still unfamiliar of what to do. If this should be in another category, please move it there. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my little blog!


This belongs in #screenshots-and-videos, but cool shots!

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Hey there, great shots! However, #screenshots-and-videos would be more suitable as said above. For more info, check below:

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Thanks @CaptainHugh and @Kedz! Just moved it to Screenshots and Videos. Thanks for informing me!


Since only 10 photos allowed per topic, I’ll just add the best four pics of the remaining 8 legs. I’ll still update and tell the real-life flights in order for you to enjoy flying in Norway too!

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No worries, seems like a great idea! Thanks for sharing your pictures:)

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Day 2 - Sunday, Mar. 7, 2021
Wideroe Flight WF587 / WIF87N - Bombardier Q400
DEP - (BGO / ENBR) Flesland Airport, Bergen - 11:35 AM
ARR - (KRS / ENCN) Kjevik Airport, Kristiansand - 12:25 PM

Fact about Kristiansand:
Kristiansand is the birthplace of Eurovision 2019’s televote winner, Tom Hugo, one of the three members of KEiiNO!

Wideroe Flight WF470 / WIF70H - Bombardier Q400
DEP - (KRS / ENCN) Kjevik Airport, Kristiansand - 9:00 AM
ARR - (SVG / ENZV) Sola Airport, Stavanger - 9:24 AM

Fact about Stavanger:
Stavanger is known to have a lot of wooden houses and are considered part of the city’s cultural heritage!

Wideroe Flight 70H leaving Kristiansand for Stavanger!

This is Day 2 of the tour, there are three more to go! I hope you enjoy the next few flights!

Day 3 - Monday, Mar. 8, 2021

SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK4144 / SAS4144 - Boeing 737-700
DEP - (SVG / ENZV) Sola Airport, Stavanger - 6:35 AM
ARR - (BGO / ENBR) Flesland Airport, Bergen - 7:15 AM

Fact about Bergen:
Bergen is famous for the University of Bergen, which is famous for its world-renowned museum collections.

I have visited Bergen as a layover since there are no direct flights from Stavenger to Alesund.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK4144 / SAS4144 - Boeing 737-700
DEP - (BGO / ENBR) Flesland Airport, Bergen - 7:40 AM
ARR - (AES / ENAL) Vigra Airport, Ålesund - 8:25 AM

Fact about Alesund:
Alesund is known as Norway’s home of klippfisk, a dried and salted cod used to make the bacalao dish!

SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK4146 / SAS61E - Boeing 737-800
DEP - (AES / ENAL) Vigra Airport, Ålesund - 5:50 PM
ARR - (TRD / ENVA) Værnes Airport, Trondheim - 6:30 PM

Fact about Trondheim:
Trondheim is known as the leader of innovation and the capital of knowledge of Norway!

My first moonshot! Just learned it here in the forum a few days ago!

I won’t be posting tomorrow to not clog your notifications, instead I will just post the last 3 legs along with some facts on the day after tomorrow. Thank you guys!

Day 4 - Tuesday, Mar. 9, 2021

Wideroe Flight WF664 / WIF664 - Bombardier Q400
DEP - (TRD / ENVA) Værnes Airport, Trondheim - 1:05 PM
ARR - (EVE / ENEV) Evenes Airport, Harstad/Narvik - 2:15 PM

Fact about Harstad/Narvik: The popular singer of “Walls”, Ruben was born in the city of Harstad!

Wideroe Flight WF883 / WIF883 - Bombardier Q400
DEP - (EVE / ENEV) Evenes Airport, Harstad/Narvik - 9:20 AM
ARR - (TOS / ENTC) Tromsø Airport, Tromsø - 9:55 AM

Fact about Tromsø: Tromsø is known as one of the best locations to see the Aurora Borealis!

Day 5 - Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2021

SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK4414 / SAS4414 - Boeing 737-800
DEP - (TOS / ENTC) Tromsø Airport, Tromsø - 12:20 PM
ARR - (LYR / ENSB) Svalbard Airport, Longyearbyen - 2:00 PM

Fact about Svalbard: The Svalbard seed vault contains every seed in the entire world in case of a worldwide emergency!

On final approach into Longyearbyen!

Some of you will notice that Norwegian Air Shuttle is not in this list. I was supposed to fly DY370 feom Tromsø to Longyearbyen, but of respect for the 7th anniversary of the MH370 disappearance, I decided not to fly that particular flight number. If you guys wanted to fly Norwegian Air Shuttle using the routes I have done (especially today’s ATC schedule is in Norway), the only available is from ENGM-ENBO and ENGM-ENTC-ENSB. I would post here the ENGM-ENTC-ENSB flight.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Flight DY370 / NAX7TE - Boeing 737-800
DEP - (OSL / ENGM) Gardermoen Airport, Oslo - 8:15 AM
VIA - (TOS / ENTC) Tromsø Airport, Tromsø - 10:10 AM (D) / 10:45 AM (A)
ARR - (LYR / ENSB) Svalbard Airport, Longyearbyen - 12:25 PM

I hope anyone who browsed this topic enjoyed my little tour and I appreciate the support all of you are giving me :)

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