The Great MMPP Spotting Guide

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This topic is mostly a joke but if you live in this area, then feel free to use this topic!

MMPP (Punta Pescadero Airport) is a small yet fairly active airstrip in southern B.C.S. In Mexico.

It’s right here (not a rickroll btw its safe)

This airport being built for the Punta Pescadero resort, it’s a true planespotter gem.

This is the GREAT well kinda spotting guide for MMPP!

Spot 1

Top of Dirt Hill 1

This is the best spot for parked aircraft. It gives you a great view of one of the two ramp areas at the airport. To get there, you must drive on a dirt path so 4x4 is recommended. Park anywhere because the road isn’t really used by anyone and then just hop on top of the dirt hill on the east side of the road.

Pros of this spot:
Nice view
Frontlit most of the day
Sea in background

Cons of this spot:
Barbed wire is rusty and there are some beer bottles so be careful not to trip or get hurt. :)
Road is sandy

These are pictures you can get from this location.
(pics are unedited)

Spot 2

Top of Dirt Hill 2

Conveniently, 200M down the same road, there is a second dirt hill that oversees the second ramp area. There are bigger planes in this ramp (I’ve seen TBMs, PC12s, etc) but it is a bit lower so there are some bushes in the way unless you go tippy toe mode. The road is nice if you come from the north but is a meanie if you come from the south :)

Pros of this spot:
Bigger planes
Sea in background
Touchdown zone if using reverse ops.

Cons of this spot:
Barbed wire is also rusti
bushes in the way unless you are tall so thats a no for AndrewWu. Please dont flag this its an inside joke he calls me an egg its fair.

Pictures you can get from this spot

Spot 3

The opposite side hill

on the opposite side of the airport, a paved road brings you to a small hill. This is quite a bad spot unless you need to come early in the morning and want frontlit shots. The airport is higher than this spot so you would need a ladder or to stand on your car and there are chickens that will aggressively peck your shoelaces (chickens times are MON-SAT 9-5)

Pros of this spot:
Frontlit in morning
Better sound experience when landing and taking off occurs
Free chicken curry for lunch

Cons of this spot:
Airport is higher than this spot so you need to bring a ladder
Backlit from 10AM until dusk

Pictures you can get from this spot

Spot 4

Landing zone

This spot is only nice if you have a 50MM or something similar, as planes fly VERY VERY low on approach. In this spot, you will have planes coming over you St. Maarten style but telephotos aren’t the thing here.

Nice sound experience
Good for social media attention
Close to the planes

No telephoto
Probably no Jetphotos
Trail is not suitable for cars unless you have a wrangler or a batmobile.
Also bottles everywhere

No pictures from this spot as there were no arrivals when I was there.

Here is a quick sketch of the area

Red are the spots
Blue is the usual runway in use
Black is where the road is not suitable for cars other than 4x4

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