The great military fly out at Andrews Air Force base to Tyndall Air Force Base base



Gate assignments:
Afres gates 1 Air Force one :Orlando_Forever
Afres gate 2 Air Force one :
Afres gate 3 Nasa SOFIA
Afres gate 4 through 8 kc10,extender:
West apron 14 1 through 2 737 700 presidential:
West apron 14 3 and 4 757 presidential :John frank and
West apron 13 c40 clipper (generic )
West apron 12 c17 :
West apron 11 c130:
All other gates fighters and a10s


Kadw Unicom 122.08
Kadw ground
Kadw tower
Kadw departure
Kadw approach

Kpam Unicom :122.80
Please respect act and other aviators
I am not responsible for any violations you receive.
Have Fun

This is my first flyout that I have done. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better please share.

Photo credits to wiki and format to butter 575[event start=“2023-03-15 16:00” status=“public” name=“The great military flyout” timezone=“America/New_York” end=“2023-03-15 19:00” allowedGroups=“trust_level_0”]


I’LL take Afres Gate 1 Airforce one

Thank you!

Got you down

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Just a recommendation, I’d add something like an event description. If it weren’t for the ATC listing I’d have no clue what airport this is hosted at. 🤣

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