The great Mediterranean group flight

We will be flying on the El Al 787 from LLBG-KLAX on January 24 at 7:30 PM Pacific on the Expert server. The flight will take about 14 and a half hours, at the cruising speed of Mach.84. We will initially climb to 32,000, then step climb to 34,000, 36,000, 38,000, and then have a final altitude of 39,000.


No gate assignment, spawn anywhere!
Please copy my flight plan prior to departure at the gate.

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on training or expert? i can do training. if you do training, ill do atc (Ground and Tower)

Expert server

Would you like to join as a pilot?

I will join this one

Ummm the 15th… It’s the 22nd…

@Skismd good day to you!

Just some tips on your event.

  1. Try and make a intro paragraph for people to reed about the event and city.
  2. Put gate Assignments so people can see real flights that happen at that airport.
  3. Put more pictures to add pop and info about your event
  4. Use the create an event function (click the settings icon and then click create event and fill out the info)
  5. Bump your events every 3-5 days to keep it active
  6. If you are going to do Group flights then put all the info needed(gate assignments, start time, V speeds, weight, flight time, aircraft, livery, etc)

Here are some examples of good events on IFC.

Here is an example of a good group flight

If you have anymore questions PM or ping

@Ryan_15 @Butter575 @United403 @BenjiTheBull @MANDELA @Wonderousbuilder641 @Cole_Woodard and @Bay_Area_Aviation

Have a good day,




sighs sadly


what are you sighing about

@Ryan_Carney What you did up top


@Ryan_15 thank you, would you be interested in joining?

Perfect mark yourself as going!

Sorry it’s supposed to be the 24th.

I just looked at the date and I cannot come sorry

I have school :(

Ugh, sorry to miss you.

Sorry it is to late for me

Sorry to miss you

Bump, please join.

We will be spawning at the C gates because we do to have many people, please spawn in at 7 pacific.

any last signups?