The Great Lakes

Hey, I’m not sure if this should be in here so let me know if this should be moved.

So before I start off I would like to say, I really appreciate the developers and everyone who drew out the new map and I completely understand this. I’m not complaining I just feel like this could make a pretty nice map update.
I also would like to say that I’m not being dramatic here, I just live near the great lakes and I often realize when comparing the maps that the lines are a bit off or completely missing.

Anyways, there isn’t much to say about this and I understand that it’s a lot of work to make a map and for things to be a little off that it’s ok. I’m going to attach a few images to show what i’m talking about here.

Above shows lake eire, and the cleveland area. In these photos you can see that some of the islands are misplaced and if you ever fly over or to any of the airports there you will see the lines are pretty badly misplaced.

Here, you can see that northern northern part of michigan is a little bit off.

Now these are just a couple pictures that I really notice mainly because I fly around here. Although, I’m sure there are different parts of the great lakes that are a little bit off. I just want to say to finish this off that this isn’t the end of the world and this isn’t game changing, although I would love to see a little update to a few of the boarders. Thank you developers I really appreciate this still along with the community and that I love the new map other then these very few issues.

These map outlines are for state/province/country border not lake border.


I understand this, although in some of the boarders complete land masses are missing.
Also, these state boarders are the lake boarders.


Hey, thanks for the request!

As Gabe mentioned, the map outlines are primarily for coastlines (these don’t include inland bodies of water), country lines, and state lines for a selection of larger countries.

We are aware this is missing, it was a decision made to balance showing enough data with keeping performance smooth. Inland bodies of water will be visible in some form in the map in the future.