The Great Jetport Flyout @Portland International Jetport

@AmericanB772 Just to confirm is this the flight you wish to operate.

Yes please if that’s okay?

Thank you so much!

Hey how many slots for E190?? JB going to JFK?

I’ll take this one please

What do you mean slots?

Alright lemme get you signed up.

Like is it still available I wanna fly it with chase

No sadly but you can arrive to LGA and fly most of ur route with chase?

Dang it 😕

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I’ll take gate 2 please

Just to be clear you want gate 2 to Chicago O’Hare?

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I am so sorry but I won’t be able to make this flyout, I am so sorry but I hope you all have a good time!

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I forgot I have work tmr, can’t make it sry

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@here Sorry about the late notice but the flyout has been delayed to 12:00 PM EDT.

@here please hit going again to get notifications

Everyone ready for the event?

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Might be a few minutes late sorry

No problem I don’t plan on pushing until 12:25 or so anyway.