The great Friday night flight


Today is Friday night flight so I did a short flight

Flight details

Aircraft and livery : British Airways B772
Flight time : 3:25
Route : EGLL to LGAV
Server : expert


Loading cargo and passengers

After a long taxi we take off

Go around

And we landed

This should be a new view

Hey all thanks for viewing this post I will be making may of these if you guys can follow me on Instagram the username is britishairways001 if you guys like what you see you guys can follow me please be respectful and vote here how good the pics were

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Thanks all for voting

Nice pictures! I like the view on the second one!!

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Thanks a lot

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You can find many of these on my Instagram

Great pics!

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Thanks a lot

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This is a bonus moon shot


Hey all if you would like more pics like these you can go follow me on Instagram name is britishairways001 thanks