The Great Event

Today I flew the great @AviatorDan’s and @PocketRishi’s event!
Sadly, I crashed because of no fuel and stall. I followed the Block Fuel instructions, but maybe I had too much cargo?


Flight Time: 5:19
Server: Expert
Route: KLAX - KEWR
Aircraft: UA B772
Event: 15JUN20 / 1100Z | PocketRishi + InfiniteFlightPosts Present: Coast to Coast | @ KLAX to KEWR

Parked at the gate.

Waiting to takeoff…

Finally rotating out of KLAX after one hour of waiting.

What did Infinite Flight do?

Pulling past an United A320.

Another one…

Ran out of fuel…


Hope you guys enjoyed! Bye!


Haha, glad you had fun at our event!


Great photos!


Shame you crashed, I’m guessing from the gear being down you were trying to glide it into a field.

Nice shots!

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The block fuel is calculated on Simbrief with the weights, cruise speeds and altitudes in mind it might give you a different volume of block fuel i’d always check with your own flight data. You can also lose fuel during the climb. Check out step climbing it’s a useful thing to do especially on long hauls.

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I was trying to pull up the nose so I won’t crash but do a hard landing on grass…

lovely shots! glad you had a good time at the event despite the crash

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Hmmmm…maybe try packing some extra fuel next time round. It always helps to do so, as others say, but I just guess the fuel and go 🤣😂

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I had a greaaaat time there!

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