The Great Dulles Fly-Out/Fly-In

The Great Dulles Fly-Out/ Fly-In @ KIAD NOV 23 2023
Live Events expert atc-needed

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Welcome to Washington D.C. or Virginia I have traveled here a lot of times and I have flown in and out of this airport plenty of times in real life and on the simulator! I love flying in and out of this airport and I believe you will too. I hope to see you all there!

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Airport: Dulles IAD, KIAD
Date: 11.23.23
Server: Expert

Suggested Routes

Route Aircraft User
Dulles - New york United Airlines B739
Dulles - Orlando United Airlines B739
Dulles - Los Angeles United Airlines B77W
Dulles - London United A380/B77W
Dulles - Dubai United B77W/Emirates A380
Dulles - Vancouver United Airlines/Air Canada B777W
Dulles - Icheon United Airlines 789Korean Air A380
Dulles - Mumbai United Airlines B77W/Air India B77W
Dulles - Singapore United Airlines A350/Singapore Airlines A350
Route Aircraft User
Miami - Dulles United Airlines A320
Toronto - Dulles United Airlines E360
San Francisco - Dulles United Airlines B77W
Frankfurt - Dulles Aer Lingus A330/United AirlinesB77W
Dublin- Dulles United B77W/Aer Lingus A330
Vancouver - Dulles United Airlines B777W/Air Canada B777W
Istanbul - Dulles Turkish 789/American B777W
Manilla - Dulles United Airlines B77W/Philippines Airlines B77W
Singapore - Dulles United Airlines A350/Singapore Airlines A350

You can fly on any route or the Suggested routes

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Ground, Tower, Atis:

This is my very first time hosting an event. If there is anything that I should fix or something that I can edit to make it better next time please let me know. Can’t wait to see all of you there

Special thanks to @Cole_Woodard

You are hosting an event at 1 am your time?

1 in the morning… ouch. I bet he plans to do long haul to be honest.

no i meant 1 PM

I’m curious as to why this is a Flyout when there is a set of arrivals? 🤔

idk fly out and fly in

I need people to join

Give it a bit of time!

Nice event, I recommend taking some time on an event. Making realistic routes with the actual airline and aircraft. Don’t rush! Check out how other people do event’s like @Cole_Woodard he does a great job at laying them out.


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