The Great Denver Flyout

This is a flyout from DEN using special liveries.

This event will be taking place on the casual server.

This event takes place at DEN/KDEN

The event will last from 5:00 P.M. eastern to 8:00 P.M. eastern on March, 14 2023.

ATC: anyone that would like to do it.

Gates: We will be using terminal B

Please reserve a spot

Special Liveries available:
B concourse gate 11 A220 300 Air Canada Retro
B concourse gate 13 A220 300 Air Baltic special
B concourse gate 15 A319 100 Air Canada Rogue
B concourse gate 17 A320 200 Jet Blue Shantay
B concourse gate 19 A330 900neo Azul Rosa @Mort São Paulo
B concourse gate 21 737 700 Southwest Canyon Blue
B concourse gate 23 737 700 Southwest Desert Gold
B concourse gate 25 737 700 Southwest Illinois One
B concourse gate 27 737 700 Southwest Shamu
B concourse gate 29 737 800 American Astrojet
B concourse gate 31 737 800 American TWA
B concourse gate 33 737 800 Southwest Canyon Blue
B concourse gate 35 737 900 Alaska Airlines Virgin (More to love) @john_frank Seattle
B concourse gate 32 777 200 ER American One World
B concourse gate 36 777 300 ER Air New Zealand All Blacks @FREEKAYFLOCK
B concourse gate 38 777 300 ER KLM Orange Pride @Orlando_Forever Amsterdam
B concourse gate 43 Crj 200 Air Canada Express
B concourse gate 45 Crj 200 United Express
B concourse gate 47 Crj 900 Lufthansa Cityline
B concourse gate 49 Crj 1000 Air France Brit Air
B concourse gate 51 Crj 1000 Iberia Retro Air Nostrum
B concourse gate 53 Dash 8 Q400 Air Canada Jazz
B concourse gate 55 Dash 8 Q400 Lufthansa Regional
B concourse gate 57 Dash 8 Q400 Qantas Link
B concourse gate 59 E190 JetBlue Blueprint

I am not responsible for any violations.
Follow all ATC directions
Follow all casual server guidelines
Have fun

The photos are via infinite and Maps Denver.



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@PhorzaSky @Flyin.Hawaiian

@Flyin.Hawaiian @United403

Just noticed I put flyin_hawaiian twice lol


Nice topic! Might need some polishing though, but if you want some help to make your next event better, I could refer you my friend @Butter575. I will see if I can join, but just one note, seeing that this event is on Casual Server, there is no NOTAMS at all. Casual Sever is basically a troll server and it does not have any ATC.

@United403 @PhorzaSky @Flyin.Hawaiian @Generic_Flyer @Orlando_Forever @FREEKAYFLOCK @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

Is it okay if I move the event back to 5 P.M. est on same day.


That’s fine!

Sure. I’m probably not able to come anyway since I’ll be in a class at that time

yea thats fine

Loved the cover picture.

Why casual server

probably to let everyone participate I guess

Yes, how did you know?

Idk I just assumed that it was on the casual server so that anyone could participate

ooh he a theif


B [quote=“john_frank, post:1, topic:779088”]
concourse gate 19 A330 900neo Azul Rosa

Can I get this aircraft to São Paulo, please?

I am putting you on the list. Thank you for signing up.

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