The Great Caribbean Hop @ TNCM 042100ZJAN19

Welcome To The Caribbean Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to the second group flight of mine! The first one was all the way in Europe and we had a great time dashing through mountains and crevasses and it was really fun! This time we are going to be flying to 3 of the most popular Caribbean island Airports and maybe some of the famous in the world!


These are some of the most fun and scenic airports in the world! If we can do something unique to this area like a group flight it could be really fun! That’s why I want to continue this series and make it into a Series!

Event Details

The flight plan will be made soon but isn’t ready yet, will post it here when I can. :)

Server: Expert
Airport: TNCM
Time: 2020-01-04T21:00:00Z

How it Works?

Everyone will start out at the GA Aprons of TNCM (There are loads of these Gates!) everyone will follow me to the first airport or TNCS or Saba where we will do Touch and goes. After this we will fly to TFFJ or Saint Barthélemy where we will do a second touch and go this is a tough airport so be aware! Then we will finally fly back to TNCM for a landing and let’s get some great pics!

The Gates:

C Apron
Gate User Aircraft Callsign
GA C01 @Sashaz55 C172 N186BC
GA C02 @AmarKoric11 TBM-930 N18NI
GA C03
GA C04
GA C05
GA C06
GA C07
GA C08
GA C09
GA C10
GA C11
GA C12
E Apron
Gate User Aircraft Callsign

|GA E01|
|GA E02|
|GA E03|
|GA E04|
|GA E05|
|GA E06|
|GA E07|
|GA E08|
|GA E09|

When requesting a gate please request a Gate Number, callsign, and Aircraft. Accepted aircraft are: Cessna 208, TBM 930, Cessna 172, Cirrus SR22, XCUB

Helpful Diagram with leg numbers:

Thanks for making it this far! I hope you sign up, this ones gonna be good!

Feel free to tell me how good this event is:

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Can I have gate C1, callsign: N18NI, aircraft: TBM 930. Thanks!

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Thanks for coming!

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