The Great Aviation Move. Pt.2

Hello IFC,
Today I bring some interesting news with my career and working in the airline industry. A few months ago, I moved to Reno,NV to further my airline career and move up within my company. While I have enjoyed my time here in RNO, I was offered and have accepted a management position for Allegiant and my company in Richmond, VA. I hope to bro g you guys some awesome insights of my job and what’s it like being in a position of management for an airline here in the US.

As always drop questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them. And if your in the Richmond area let me know so I can make new friends.


RIP. I was going to go to Reno again sometime soon. Sad to see you leaving there.

Anyway, I wish you best of luck in Richmond! 😃

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I’ve still got another month and a half here soo plenty of time

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ohh, ok. That is quite a while

It sure is! Let me know if you come. I know JSX has tickets from KBUR direct to RNO.

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Yep, but they’re like 139$ one way! 😬

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Yeah I get that.! Pretty expensive. I’ll be happy to show you around and the great spotting spots

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