The Great Atlantic Race! [CLOSED] @ LPPT - 021600ZDEC17

Server: Casual Server (Global)

Region: Uhh…

Airport: LPPT

Time: 1600 Zulu, December 2nd, 2017

NOTAM: Hop in your fastest fighter and fight the jet stream to New York.

Thank you to everyone who showed up!


I’ve got that kinda free time, sign me up

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What day of the week is it on? I might sign up if it’s right.

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It will be on a Saturday. Still up for it?

Alright, I got you down!

No guarantees just yet. It’s at a good time though 🙂. I’ll let you know in the days coming up to the race.

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Sign me up, I love a challenge

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Alright, I’ll set you up as soon as I can.

Ok, thanks I can’t wait

When we land on the runway how will you look at all of them, also what if it takes ages to get a landing slot, it would be unfair

What do you mean by a landing slot? I’m not racing, I’m just starting it then seeing who finishes it. I’ll post the results on the page.

Ok, never mind! Good luck everyone your going to need it! 🤣

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Are you aloud to stop in let’s say, uhm, Nuuk and get more fuel?


Well, shoot. I guess there is somewhere to load up on fuel in the middle of the Atlantic!


I’m in and up for the challenge!

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Or stop in Keflavik!

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Pre flight tacktics


If my calculations are right the longest ranging Jet on If is the F-14 and it can fly for 2:45 at the max so unless wind is good then you will have to stop

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Alright, I’ll get you down!

You have to choose speed or endurance, or a balance of both. It’s a risk that if not planned correctly can land you in the middle of the Atlantic. That’s part of the fun of the event!

Looks interesting for me. Can I use non fighter aircraft for this event?