The Great Aspen Fiasco- Explained

Aspen clearly doesn’t need to accommodate IF traffic. When busy on IF, the amount of time needed to back taxi and depart a single aircraft (assuming they expedite) is not efficient. I would much rather take off and depart 33. With the exception of 388s and 747/777s which are not supposed to be at KASE then the mountain approach is not difficult. That allows for multiple departures, more safely and keeps traffic moving. My .02. And for those that would say 33 has not ils, who cares? If you must have ils to land then go somewhere other than KASE

It can be sorted out if there is good communication between controllers…i have seen many doing it in an organized way … first of all u need an atitude to learn from an error…there was no that much traffic or urgency in KASE yesterday like that traffic of an event…in events,Atc is well organised by assigning who is ground/tower/app/dep/centre etc…and the traffic goes smooth…

Coming to yesterdays scenario:
Both freq was manned by one person which makes it more difficult…and there was no approach to assist him for spacing…R15 needs a bsck taxi so that extra time is needed for departures…so as in ground you have to constantly monitor the tower view wer u are crippled to monitor the incoming traffic…so it would have been good Joshua if you had called someone to occupy tower or ground and another person for approach…am not complaining or accusing of the work u did…its just a tip which i thought would help you more in coming days

Sounds amazing Sean but we have pilots who don’t understand the difference between taxi and pushback so this will not work. Also to fly a radial you need to be able to preset this and it’s gonna be complicated to fly a holding with the AP system now. Maybe a button “HOLD” could be added which auto makes 1 min legs on present heading.

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