The Great Aleutian Sky Tour!

1) Background to the photos
Today, I flew made the journey across the Date Line, touring the amazing Aleutian Islands!
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Casual Server, 2200Z, PANC-PASY, SAS 742
3) Photos

We are parked at our remote stand, loading passengers as we speak. We are bound for Tokyo-Haneda Airport with a stopover at PASY (Eareckson Air Station). We will continue onward to Kastrup Airport tomorrow afternoon.

We took off out of Anchorage with plenty of time to tour the islands.

This is the first sight we see…a large cluster of mountainous islands with some snowcaps.

Up next, we make a sharp s-bend to see more snowcaps all around us.

These are the last mountains we stumble upon before turning northwest towards our stopover destination.

Although we had to go around and make a U-Turn to land on the opposite side of the runway, we were able to stick a mediocre landing at Eareckson Air Station.

We are now refueling and stocking up with supplies at Eareckson Air Station. Next stop…four hours to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, and sooner or later, Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen!

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


Great pictures of Alaska! Did you pass through an area of low visibility?

Yes, I did. It was good visibility until I did the go-around at PASY, when the visibility just dropped.

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That’s cool. The reason I asked that was because there’s a volcano that’s currently smoking in the Aleutian Chain.


Hmm…That’s pretty interesting.