The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering!

This weekend was the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering!
This is the 21st year the Gathering happened. Each year thousands of people come to the FedEX Hangar at the Ted Stevens International airport to sell and buy things related in the aviation world.

This year we had the US Air Force bring in their KC135, their new C130J and a C17. PenAir brought their Saab 2000 to show off.
Bombardier also flew in a Challenger 350!
Bell also flew in their new Bell 505, we brought an R44. Maule had their brand new factory built Maule which was running for 350 thousand dollars. The real reason why everyone was here was for the brand new super cub that was raffling off. Bryce Palmer of Chugak, Alaska won it this year!

Here’s some shots from this year show!

(The Raffle Cub!)

(The Factory Maule and Vertical Solution’s AS350B3, super nice owner she was really neat!)

(The Gweduck, the owner put a sign on the plane saying “Not a Widgen” since ton of people confused it, with my sense of humour I had to tell the owner “Nice Widgeon” he looked at my R44 and said “Nice R22”)

(The R44 we had at the show)

Mass departure took place at 5pm after the show ended. So it was fun watching everyone depart the show

(Everyone who had an airplane and helicopter waiting to leave the hangar who doesn’t like our R44?!)

(Tanana Aviation and their sleek AS350 departing FedEx)

(The Bell 505 next to us, we departed right after them)

Over all it was a great show! We’ll see a ton of people from this weekend, next weekend at the Valdez Fly in!


Was there a gift shop at the event? If so, what are the different types of merchandise?

Also, is this mainly for helicopters because that is what I see mostly from the pictures.

There was, just shirts and stuff.

No it’s over all, there was 7 helicopters this year, 2 enstroms, 2 AS350s, the Bell 505 and R44. About 30 different aircraft ranging from Super cubs to 185 on amphibians to the GA8 Airvan. Along with the 2000, L4 Grass Hopper, C130, KC135, Challenger 350, Boeing 777, Boeing 767, MD11.


Wow!! Sounds super cool!! Wish I could have made it! 😀

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It was a good show, unfortunately the outside display was smaller this year

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Oh…but I’m sure otherwise it was super fun!

Yeah it was! Think Bell sold a couple of 505s so thats a great thing

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I spot a Seb in there…look closely on your right hand side.

Sounds like a great event!


Which photo? 👀 …

Which photo what? You Lost me lol

I’m asking @Delta_Alpha_Lima which photo Seb was in lol. 😉


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