The greasy landing A380

A380 Singapore at yssy A greasy landing


Very nice landing Daniel! Even with the bigger aircraft you still BUTTER it very well.

Greaassssssssyyy landings! Love it. Nice going. I’ll like this topic but not the other one. Why you may ask. Well, your topic has the word “butter” in it. I do not endorse butter. 😁


Yeah boiiii

Once your topic has been approved by DeerCrusher you know you’ve succeeded in life 😂

Anyways, nice landings!

Haha that’s true

I will make it a life goal to get you and others to live the greasy landing life. One… step… at… a… time

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What a smoothie of a landing mate.

Anyway @DeerCrusher are u in a va?

I use to. A long time ago. 👀

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Nice was it southwest?

Aka, the Stone Age.

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In a galaxy far, far away…

Let’s get back on topic now 😂

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U guys are mean lol

It was not. It was NetJets Virtual.

Sorry mate didn’t mean to be mean, just having some fun! (Which we don’t noramlly have with a moderator 😂)

Nice my favorite airline is southwest

It was a joke

That’s my favorite IRL airline as well.

don’t mind some of the party poopers


Oh, lol never mind 😂