The Gottem!

I got the @Topgottem treatment

You want the deets?
ES, Somewhere near the Titanic. Boo!


Noone is safe! Not even Deer!


Lol :> hello

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I see you finally Rised your gear after 2 hours 🤪

Haha. Has something to do with aircraft state and draw distance if I remember correctly. Annoying bug for sho’!


Oh thats funny. I think it might be related then with the Reverse thrust bug. With the server syncing. Probably along the same cause of issue.

Yep same thing. In fact this bug used to be a big thing back when we were testing Global. Its come and gone over the years.


Oh interesting

Take this one for example. Everyone’s engines were running, but if you look closely, one is not.


Lol interesting. Definitely seems like a odd photo once you point it out

I will need another 4 refueling stops. I just barely made it to greenland. I hoping we get to nova Scotia intime for a refuel ;>

Should’ve brought the F18. That thing will do at least 6hrs nonstop without fueling up.

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um excuse me where’s the details about the aircraft, route, and time?? 🤓

Well I get the landing practice lol

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My phone just died 💀

I hope you have a good rest of your flight @DeerCrusher.
See you in the skys again soon :)

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The top gottem strikes again!

Nice shot, crusher of deer 👍