The Goodbye Summer Group Flight

Alright I’ll go into 2 then

Welcome to Cabo

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Also, what a float lol

Yeah I saw that, he flared a little too much there and the aircraft started climbing

Yall can copy my flight plan. Well fly at FL340 at around M 0.80ish

Man, I saved that

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Lol. Game crashed

Tried copying the flight plan and the game just gave up 😆

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I also love how the distance to destination says 737

Ayyyy that’s W planning lol

Oh hi @Butter575

Lmao thats awesome

@Butter575 Sneaky

What time are we leaving

At 10 after

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@_TheTexanAvgeek you go first then @PhorzaSky then me and @Bay_Area_Aviation can go at the same time


Pushbacks approved!

FL340 and M .8? @Bay_Area_Aviation

Hate that pushback glich

I’ll go since I’m pushing the other way