The Good’O Expert Server

At this point this is just ridiculous what people are doing on the expert sever. I was in San Francisco just finishing pushing back to start my test flight, but to my right I see this guy in the A346 just arrived and a B757 holding short on 28L. After the A346 arrived he was going to taxi to parking and the B757 was still holding at that location, so the person in the A346 thought it was the greatest idea in the world to not go the next available taxiway that was not occupied, but instead go through the 757 and I heard people were disgust, confused, and angry on why people are continuing to be immature and unprofessional in the dang EXPERT sever!! Anyways, not sure if the 757 was given clearance but he just gunned down and literally started doing donuts, Took-Off his own way and etc… So I was confused and said, “Does this seem legit at all”? NOPE!!! I don’t know when this will come to an end, but It just has to guys.


We need a “Professional server” for grade 4 and 5 users with real ATC voice


That would be nice, I totally agree, I have been seeing a lot more of this on the Expet Server


It makes me sad,really, And I agree, I wish the expert server had more professional behavior, but for now, we just have to deal with it.


Actually the donuts may be due to rudder lock, which can be unexpected and has happened to me before (leading to some interesting PMs). Its when the rudder gets stuck on far left/right without you realising it, and when going at decent ground speed, can lead to loss of control. Still, expect them to be more careful, but nice shots! Very funny!

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This has been documented in a few threads already

Until such action is taken by staff to reform the Expert Server, there’s little we can do about it despite the obvious frustrations.

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Could be that as well lol

There are several issues with that:

  1. Grade does not reflect your piloting skills, anyone can get to grade 4 or 5 if they spend enough time on infinite flight. And what will stop people from farming landings, XP and flight time to get to the “Professional server” you call it? A good chunk of the trolls in the expert server are probably people that farmed all the requirements to get to grade 3 and do not care about improving their piloting skills. People will probably do the same things in the “Professional server”.

  2. ATC speaking to you using their real voice has a lot of issues:

  • They may be uncomfortable with using their real voice to communicate to tens, maybe hundreds of strangers on a given day

  • Not everybody has good enough equipment (I.E a decent microphone so that people can understand you)

  • App limitations

  • It will be extremely difficult to teach each and every pilot how to properly communicate to ATC using their voice

  • Trolls. What will be done about them? What will stop people from saying inappropriate things to others?

  1. The “Professional server” will be extremely empty because only a small fraction of the pilots in IF are grade 4+

  2. How will we make sure professionalism will be enforced? Do we want mods flying around every square kilometer monitoring people 24/7? Or do we want extremely strict automated violations that will temporarily ban you from the server for the slightest unrealistic thing?


Let’s continue the conversation in the existing topic please:

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