The Golden State Takeover | KLAX, KSFO, & KSAN Fly-In- and Fly-Out

Welcome To the Beautiful State of California

Home of Andrew Garfield and Tom Hanks, this incredibly diverse state is home to upwards of 39 million people! On the West Coast of the Continental United States, California has it all. Let’s venture to The Golden State!

Server : Expert, Training, and Casual

Airports : Los Angeles LAX International (LAX / KLAX), San Francisco International
(SFO / KSFO), and San Diego International (SAN / KSAN)

Time : 2023-06-17T16:00:00Z2023-06-17T21:00:00Z

Since there are many airports featured in this event, there will be no gate assignments. If you would like to join this event, please click the “Going / Interested Button”on the event block. It is recommended that you fly a realistic route from databases like FlightRadar24 or FlightAware.

Recommended Routes :

Route Aircraft Type Airline Length
KLAX - KDFW A321-200 American Airlines ~3h10m
MMMX - KLAX B787-8 Aero Mexico ~4h05m
KSFO - KSEA B737-800 Alaskan Airlines ~2h45m
PHNL - KSFO B777-200ER United Airlines ~3h50m
KSAN - KPHX B737-700 Southwest Airlines ~1h30m
KSFO - KSAN A321-200 Alaska Airlines ~1h20m

Los Angeles Center
Frequency Name
Los Angeles Center -
KLAX Frequencies
Frequency Name
KLAX Tower -
KLAX Ground -
KSFO Frequencies
Frequency Name
KSFO Tower -
KSFO Ground -
KSAN Frequencies
Frequency Name
KSAN Tower -
KSAN Ground -

PM me if you would like to control any one of these frequencies

  • The event will be going on for a while so you can Fly-In or Fly-Out during that time

  • It is recommended that you spawn during the event if you are Flying-Out

  • If you are Flying-In, you should consider your flight time so you can arrive during the event

  • Please follow all ATC instructions given. If there is no controller please use Traffic accordingly

  • If you are flying on the Expert server for this event, please act professionally

  • Remember, I am not responsible for any violations issued

Thank you so much to @SouthwestVirtual for sponsoring this event!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the event!


See i was gonna press going but its in #general

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I just realised and changed it :)

Can you make this available for all servers (technically Training, since I’m grade 2, but you can add all.

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Sure no problem!

Thank you so much!

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I’ll be there :)

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I’ll be sure to make a butter landing at KLAX!

(I’m trying to perfect landings, could some people take snips of me landing and somehow get Dan’s attention to post it on the Community home page?

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Would love to do this though I don’t have pro but if I get it these days I would love to join

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And not sure where I want to go to and from definitely gonna have a saudia flight but either flying in or out and another airline flight

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Ill catch your landing don’t worry :)

We all hope that you can join!

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KLAX is usually packed— sometimes KSFO. This should be very busy. I’ll try to make it,

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ok thanks!

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You should make this earlier than June, like this weekend for the weekend after. It’s only a suggestion, not forcing you.

I am very busy the next couple of weekends and I’m also hosting another event 1-2 weeks before this one

Oh ok. What is that event?

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Chillin in Colorado, sorry for taking so long to respond

That seems a little off. If I’m getting 55 min flight time KLAX to KSFO, and KSAN to KLAX is 20 min, that would be 75. Plus, going south you’re with the jetstream, you’d be at cruising speed the whole way, and the routing would be direct. Did you mean 1:20?

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Event Bump!