The Golden Gate Flyout | 7MAY23

San Francisco International (SFO, KSFO) is the main international airport of the Californian Bay Area, being a hub for United Airlines and serving many more. With mountains on one side and water on the other, this airport is equivalent of a computer wallpaper! Now that you know some basic info on KSFO, I, @Generic_Flyer and my good friend @Topgottem welcome you to The Golden Gate Flyout

The server for this event, is the Expert Server. Here are the list of rules for this event.

  • This event is on expert server. Please follow server rules as we are not responsible for any violations.
  • If ATC is not present, use Traffic Unicom properly and give way to aircraft ahead of you.

This event will have no specific gate assignments as it is a Community Event. Select gates are still to be reserved for MXVA

In Expert Server, you need ATC! If you are an IFATC staff or controller, feel free to ask for a ATC position.


ATIS: @jacrock
Ground: @jacrock
Tower: @jacrock
Oakland Center:

This event is proud to be sponsored by Breeze Virtual

Hope you can join this event!

With kindest regards from,

@Generic_Flyer (Host) and @Topgottem (Co-host)


:D gate D05 plz


This is calling my name

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This please

That gate is taken, but I can take the same route, only on D06 instead

I called it first sorry

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I’ll take this but to Palm Springs

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Of course, and would you like to keep it as a 737?


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Alright let me list you down. Thanks for your flexibility!

I set the date wrong, sorry everyone!

Is it ok if it is a week later?

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Can I be the first international sign up?

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Yep, putting you down!

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I was about to say 5 days seem too soon

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Thanks and the date change is fine


Thanks for your flexibility everyone! Note the earlier date is in regards with how many people have Spring Break and is possibly more available.

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Me me me me

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I think the event should be at 2023-05-07T19:00:00Z
One month, 1.5 weeks from now. On a sunday


I considered taking that just to annoy u lol

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