The Glorious McDonnell Douglas DC-10

Since I’m on the grind to the expert server and as well as ranking up on some flight time in this game, I figured I’d share a really interesting flight.

The McDonnell Douglas DC-10. Probably one of my most favorite planes as a child. I used to live right down the road of KMIA (Miami In’t) and I remember I used to see these Fedex DC-10s. They were “glorious” watching them take-off and land. Whenever I heard IF got a new update and added the MD-11 and DC-10, I was stoked, and even more stoked because the Fedex Livery was the classic livery. Always wanted to see one of the classic livery planes in person.

So this flight was supposed to be from PHNL to KLAX but I diverted to PHTO because of the bad weather and high winds. Whenever I took off, visibility was about 3/4 of a mile, and later on, it went to almost 200 FT! But guess what, this might have been one of the most complicated but fun flights I have ever had! First time I’ve used the glide-slope on a commercial jet, and landed in low visibility on online! Got some awesome shots too. I thought I was tripping when everything was white around me.

My take off sequence 😍

Before I wrap up this post, I want to just point out how detailed Infinite Flights Screenshots are… Its absolutely INSANE!!


• Original Flight: PHNL - KLAX
• Actual Flight: PHNL - PHTO
• Plane: McDonnell Douglas DC-10F
• Time: 8:00 EST
• Flight Time: 1:47 mins.


Awesome shots! It really is beautiful

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Thank you!

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The legendary Douglas DC-10.
Started out a bit rough in it’s early life, but ended up one of the greatest workhorses of all time…
Lovely shots!

The real Gemini DC-10F! IF’s rendition of her is pretty darned close!

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i love how detailed it is!! you can see the outlines of the where the windows would be on it!

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Now that is cool my dude! And thank you very much brother!

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Yes! Its crazy how good this plane looks!

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I wonder if the carry Gemini Jets??


good point 🤔🤔