The Giant Whale visits Mexico one more time (featuring the 21.1 open Beta)

Yes, the A380 visited Mexico City several times, from 2017 to 2020. Air France used to operate their A380s in a daily route between CDG-MEX. When the plane arrived for the first time back in 2017, a lot of curious people, news reporters, avgeeks and random passengers saw that giant whale landing for the 1st time. Unfortunately, in 2020, the Air France A380 visited México for the last Time. Currently, this route is operated on the 777s.

The original plane was the 77W, but the plane got infected by toast and eggs, so we had to change the plane to the lengedary A380. She missed Mexico for a long time, and the Big Bus is so happy & excited to be back after several months. Please join me as the A380 visits MMMX one more time :)

  • Server: Expert
  • Route: LFPG-MMMX
  • Aircraft: Air France A380
  • Flight Time: 11:38h

Enjoy the pics!

About to push from the gate, seen from the waiting room.

About to take off on RWY 26R. A plane spotter decided to take this shot, and it was me ;)

Leaving the huge airport behind. Bye Paris!

Sunset as we start cruising over the pacific.


Mexico City Scenery as we approach the ILS DME 2 on Runway 5R, with the old procedures

Turning final for Runway 5R. Can you locate the World Trade Center?

The landing of the A380 seen from Skyline Coffee. Skyline Coffee is a great place for plane spoting in MMMX.

Deboarding passengers and cargo. The A380 must be happy right now :)

Bonus random shot:

Firefighters in front of the terminal. What happened? Fire? Im scared?
Oh… they were chillin’

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That’s all

Happy crash landings!

Run, Rick Astley is coming for you


The A380 is like that person who always sits right in front of the class but the teacher always ignores them.


Totally agree. This aircraft is so underrated

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Amazing shots! I remember seeing this bird on New Years day of 2020 at MEX which would saldy be the last time I’ll see the Air France Whale :(


Thank you :)

So sad that the A380s are going to R.I.P

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Isn’t that in New York?

There’s one In Mexico City too.


Looks amazing. Isn’t it? ;)

Does look cool. I think the one in New York looks better though.

Can confirm.

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