The Ghosted feature has been abused in the game

When I was waiting for the takeoff at KLAS, I went out. I didn’t know who entered the room. I repeatedly pressed the button to apply for the takeoff, which led me to be Ghosted.
Later, because this was an accident, I asked the then air traffic controller Tim and asked if he could cancel my Ghosted. At the time, I did not say that this was an accident.
His reply is: No. After I received the message, I sent a few emails stating that it was an accident. But Tim didn’t admit my unexpected rhetoric. Several replies were similar: I don’t see it, I don’t admit it. Also asked me some strange questions, such as: Who touched your device? I don’t know who touched it. What do you ask me for?
This incident has nothing to do with me, but I was charged with the harassment channel. The idea of ​​the Ghosted system is good, and it is punished in order to give the player a lesson in the area. But this system has been abused, and some things that are not related to the player will be punished. I hope that your official can pay attention to it, don’t just give someone else Ghosted.

I understand your concerns, but I’d just like to ship my POV on them, if I may.

If you left the room while waiting for takeoff, I really don’t know why you’re so frustrated at your ghosting. I’m not sure of the exact situation, but if you weren’t watching your device, who knows what could have happened. The controller could have told you to take off, cross a runway, anything like that, and you wouldn’t have known as you weren’t in the room.

I know Infinite Flight isn’t real life, but you were flying on the expert server - the platform which requires a significant amount of concentration to use. You wouldn’t leave the cockpit of a real plane to do something and then be angry at the controller when you’d missed your takeoff command, would you? I know this isn’t like flying a real aircraft, but the actual idea of not paying attention to the controller is not a good one. I can’t see a way in which your ghosting can be reversed, sorry!


We don´t use Ghosting as a punishment, it is a way of letting you know that you have done something wrong and need to check what this was, In this case @ewanfleming has explained to you to not leave your device unatended whilst in takeoff line. You have been ghosted this time and hopfully you won´t do it again next time…

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