The Ghost Phenomenon

Device: iPad 6th Gen
Operating system: iPadOS 15.6.1

Aircraft B738
Server ES

Everything went smoothly as I took off from Madrid all the way to somewhere in the ocean. All of a sudden my plane started pitching up to highest 15 deg. I was away at the time and i didnt realize. Bruh

My weight was alright and nothing was wrong.



Could be a combination of sudden strong headwind with flaps?

Could be since my gs was quite low but still dosent imply it would staff, another thing i noticed was the autopilot never deactivated

Talk about a dedicated support topic.


Your AP SPD & HDG was switched off at 01:25:28. Not at the same second though so feels like someone did it. Your throttle was also pushed to 100% the second after and then 0%.

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What does that mean

Hmm thats wierd since nobody touched my iPad, i was alone in the house in another room.



It means you are, yes indeed, dedicated.

I think he is referring to the top quality formatting and banner

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Oh lol i forgor

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But i wonder what happened

Anyone help?

I mean, we can’t really do anything for you at this time. Unless you provide us with more substantial evidence to go off of, we will not be able to assist you. Furthermore, I believe Schyllberg gave you a good analysis of the replay, and beyond that is in question based on what happened on your end, not the apps. :)

Unless there is something I missed in the replay, I am pretty confident it was user-error, and not an application issue.

Yes but did you read my reply mate?

I agree with Schyllberg’s reply above, it does seem like someone took your device and induced a crash - these things don’t (or, at the very least, shouldn’t) happen on their own. I’d like to point out 2 extra things, though:

  1. It was just HDG mode that was switched off, but AP NAV (LNAV) was kept on - so the plane continued following the route. LNAV can operate without HDG mode being enabled.
  2. The throttle wasn’t set to fully idle, as the N1% stabilized itself at 21.4% instead of 20.0%, and stayed at that until the plane crashed and replay ended. Whoever/whatever it is that took control of your throttle set it to 1-2%, not 0%. This makes it even less likely that it simply happened on its own, and more likely that someone did it.

It could be caused by using a network controller and accidentally pressing buttons assigned to the SPD and HDG modes, or, if you’re not using that, then someone must’ve tampered with your device during cruise. The way the autopilot modes were disconnected doesn’t indicate an accidental disconnection of the autopilot as a whole, there was a good second between the 2 modes got disconnected, and it was only 2 modes. This is the only logical conclusion one can come to.

P.S. Patience is a virtue :)


Yes, and I understand your situation. However, based on multiple experienced users analysis on the replay, it is a common theme that it is probably not an app-related issue.

Seeing the AP being manually adjusted (i.e. throttle inputs) made me very skeptical as well as the interval between the SPD and HDG being disconnected. Unless there is something that the replay is leaving out, I don’t really know what else it could be my man.

As of right now, my personal conclusion was that some external factor tampered with the AP, and unless substantial evidence can be provided that there was no tampering, I can’t see another probable cause.


Alright, no ones in the house. What can it be?? It cant be me since i was away after it reached cruise!!!

Alright now lets say someone even was in the house and they somehow opened the AP menu and and turned off specifically the HDG and SPD and made sure to make the throttle 100 then back to 1-2!!?!? Plus if there was someone they would never even known i was flying since my brightness was lowest and time was night and i had my cam facing down in cockpit and you couldnt even see the screen!!

But again even with all that no one was in the house except me the me

Well, we can’t say more than we already have. That’s all the information there is… unfortunately.


As I mentioned above, at this point there is nothing we can provide you with. We can only offer you an analysis from the in-app evidence provided. As much as we would want to help you, we can’t find out who or what caused those inputs on your device.

I’m afraid this is something you must figure out. Because, after all, you know your house better than we do… At least I’d hope so. If you can provide us with more substantial evidence that strongly leads to this being an in-app issue was triggered, it is unfortunate, but we can’t assist you.

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Well thats it im leaving this house