The German SkyCouch


Very recently, Lufthansa has unveiled their concept of Air New Zealand’s skycouch. This time around, the German carrier calls them “Sleeper Rows”

What it is is quite simply a whole set of seats for yourself, whether that’s to lie down, or quite simply not wanting any seat mates

This whole row of seats will set someone back 220 Euros, or approximately $260. This concept is scheduled to roll out on LH506/507, from Frankfurt to São Paulo.

This is only temporary for now, only being available until about mid-December. Lufthansa is probably simply experimenting with this idea to see if it is a viable option in the long run and on a wider array of routes.



Can’t imagine their long haul flights are full. I’ve done this a million times on flights without paying all the cash lol


West-european airlines and the tricks they do with their economy:

  • Blocked the middle seat - wowie that’s buisness class!
  • Use 2 unoccupied seats as a bed - mamma mia, that’s a SkyCouch™️©️®️

You gotta give it to them, they’re really trying. Can’t wait for the moment they’re gonna turn their extra space economy seats into first class


Me next time flying on Lufthansa:



I think there might be a safety concern with that.

I‘m a frequent flyer with them (well, soon I’ll have been one). They just try to get really the last cent from their customers.
A real five-star airline would’ve provided those amenities on empty flights FOR FREE, not for completely insane 220€.
They just cancelled free drink and food service within Europe because „it didn’t meet their standards“. Holy cow then just increase the standard!!! DONT cancel the whole drink service at all and replace it with ONE bottle of water.
Won’t pay a single more Euro to fly with them. Business Lounge at my local airport also closed for no reason.
Sad that easyjet cancelled their German routes.
Shame on you Lufthansa!
You used to provide a solid product, but that’s the exact opposite.

But are the aircraft really full all the time? What would stop one who is flying on a fairly empty aircraft right now from occupying all three rows?
Either way, I’d like to see how this would work on the A330/340 fleet since the only option would be using the 4 seats at the center.

Eh, anyway, I wish them good luck with that.

Honesty, I can’t think of a single airline that would’ve ever done this for free. Nothing is ever free anymore…😔

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Mood on Lufthansa now


If you think it’s a waste of money why are you even a frequent flyer with them?

Amenities are factored into the cost of a ticket and definitely aren’t free, pre-COVID and now.

They cancelled free drink and food service because of COVID, for safety and because there’s a lack of cash flow.

One word: C O V I D ! Almost every domestic lounge in the states is closed for the same reason.

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I bet ANZ is rolling their eyes

That one seat is larger than @DeerCrusher whole CRJ from Nose to Tail

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Well, ANZ has had this concept for a while, and it hasn’t seemed to fail them yet

I sadly have to disagree. It had nothing to do with COVID. I had drinks and food within Europe even during the pandemic. They stated that they wanted to improve the product by making it for purchase, but the overall ticket price wasn’t decreased.

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Prior to COVID the service was decently acceptable. And: sometime you have no choice. Lufthansa is the only Carrier with a broad network within Europe in Germany atm.

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You’ve been watching the incredibles movie! Anyway I have never went on Lufthansa.

Imma go to Germany brb

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Imagine being tall that your feet crosses the aisle.

Imagine being tall and you can’t fit on the SkyCouch.

Oh wait, that’s me.

Nice idea, poor execution. I even went researching the dimensions of these SkyCouches, and I found out that they’re so short that my feet would stretch clear into the aisle. But props to Lufthansa for trying.

Dude you got the wrong movie🥴

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