The Generic Boeing 737-700 and Generic Boeing 737-700BBJ are Literally the Same Jet

Which one do you think is the 737-700 and which one is the 737-700BBJ?


Top is 737-700BBJ, bottom is 737-700

My point here is that there is two generic 737-700 in game with little to no difference. I thought it’s kind of funny to have 2 exact same jets with exact same liveries in Infinite Flight.

Yes I do know the difference between these two jets, I’m not trying to point out that there are two exact jets, I’m trying to prove that we have 2 jet with a generic livery which makes it identical.

I’d wish I can turn that generic 737-700 to an ANA 737-700…


I totally agree with you.

I am guessing it is the 1st one because of the split design on the end of the wing

This is true, and has been pointed out before a lot. I can see why it falls into both categories, they are the exact same build, but the commercial and Private liveries/Airlines of the 737-700 are split apart, and on (almost) every aircraft, they generally have a generic livery, thus creating a gap that needs to be filled, which it is, with this aircraft. The only difference in-flight is whether you want to be in a ‘737-700’ or a ‘737-700 BBJ’ in the eyes of other pilots.

And this 😂 ⬇️

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True, the real difference is that the BBJ has a longer range.

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