The gate organization in event topics

Did you guys know how is the best way to ´´organize´´ the gates in Fly-in/Fly-out events?

For example:
Airline | Livery | Gate | Destination | Pilot

Thank you all :)

P.D: I saw the tutorial but i didn´t undestood to 100%

Hi, you gotta do it like this but with no spaces between the straight lines and the little line dots

| Airline | Flt # | etc… |
| - - - | - - - | - - - |

Let me know if you have any further questions or need additional help


I’ve seen many people do the spaces. The spaces are the one thing that people seem to get wrong. Yes, tables should be |insert text|insert| and done that way as stated above. It confused me at the start too.

Ah ok, so for example:

Airline Livery Destination Aircraft Pilot
American Astrojet Dallas (DFW) B738 @Mateo_Cd

Oh i missed the gate jaja

Well, thanks all. I finally undestrood. You guys are amazing and the community too. :)

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Yes indeed

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