The gate hold

Hey there everyone!

I found this old photo, and decided to edit it to look cool, as it looked quite boring at first.

Flight: KJFK to KATL
Flight time: about 1-2 hours
Aircraft in use: Delta A319

Hope you like it!

Thanks for looking, and as always, see you in the skies!


A sunset and rain at the same time?! 😳


Haha its quite unusual, but it happens 😉


Very nice photo! I like the camera angle, and the rain and sunset are really well done.

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Thanks a lot mate!

Sun + Rain… = Magnificently Magical 😍

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That’s true!

Its caled EaRTh 2.0

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Haha that’s true!

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Une photo incroyable !

Come to the Netherlands and you wont be suprised AHHAHA

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I love the picture, however, to make it a little bit more realistic, darker the platform too around the planes (since it’s rain) hahah

Great photo, the rain trend strikes again!

What is this new “Rain-Trend”?
But In general a nice pic!

Creator of the Rain-Photo trend.
In my bio ^^^

So, I made a photo Rainy Day, a little while later, @Qantas094 made one. After that, the trend exploded and it’s what it is now.

I did an el al 787 JFK-TLV
when was that? because it might’ve been me

Thanks for the kind words guys!

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This was at KATL ;)

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That happens kind of often where I live in Colorado. But only when it does rain which is rare

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Yeah, it happens…