The Garuda Indonesia McDonnell Douglas MD-11 in 10 replay screenshots



Garuda operated 18 of these puppies in its time - and we have one here!

Having flown this over time on Infinite Flight, I’ve got to know its little foibles and characteristics that a lot of people dislike it for and have developed a decent bond with it. Just like the real thing, it looks daunting - three heavy engines and a beefy frame balanced precariously on 3 spindly looking sets of landing gear which when all combined don’t quite match up and oh yes, it can be pain to land sometimes under certain conditions but it’s worth the practice.

My most recent flight was today, taking the redesigned DC10 out for a spin from Sydney back to Jakarta. It rekindles my love for it every time I fly it.

Sadly for Douglas though, it wasn’t to be. Certified in November 1990, it came around when air travel was becoming massive. Fuel efficiency and performance mattered - 3 engines didn’t, just as long as it could sip the fuel and give the Airbus A330s and Boeing 767s of the day a beating on range.

The 747 was a hard hitter at the time as well but with 4 engines to feed. Just as long as the '11 could find its place in between them all, it could have stood a chance. It didn’t though. The range and performance weren’t up to scratch and then along came the 777 and combined with safety concerns, it was game over. Probably for the better that it didn’t go on with the MD12.

On Infinite Flight though, it’s a winner. Treat it well - don’t thrash it, be nice to it. Keep it smooth, steady, balance out the variables and it’ll reward you with a satisfying trip and landing to finish.

Departure: YSSY (Sydney (Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney, Australia).
Arrival: WIII (Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia).
Flight time: 7 hours 23 mins.
Server: Expert.

Notes: As always, no hard editing was done to the photos, just some personal preference slight changes to the light and contrast and working with what is available – nothing fake added or taken away.

Good times



I’ve played IF for almost 2 years, Never loaded this Livery up. Actually slot of DC10 and MD11 liverys


DC10 and MD11 = 😍 ❤️


Spool it up and have a go with it - it’s quite a simple but clean looking livery I think.

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Yeah true, gotta t RT y it once

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Oh my god, those shots showing off IF’s scenery are just amazing:)


i love the scenery

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The focus was supposed to be mainly on the plane, but I couldn’t resist a few shots of the Australian wilderness on the way :-)

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ah i remember a lot when i flown this route before the A330 is reworked . I use this MD-11 to fly CGK-SYD, CGK-MEL … Nice pict 😀


Screenhots are amazing.💯


The MD-11 needs more love!!! Great pictures.

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The 4th picture is like a normal neighbors backyard lol

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the scenery tho