The game very slow after this update

Hello, I have an iPhone 6 and infinite flight before the upgrade. CRJ I was super fluid all in super high if no problem now that they updated it, while I’m on the ground with more airplanes the game makes me super incredible slow I do not understand why if the game has always gone well and that makes me well bad … After when I was able to take off the slow was taking off until I kept up with the calculation and everything was fixed there was super fluid I was very fluid and when I’m arriving at the airport and there were more airplanes the game became slow again so slow that it gets slow and lasts for about 7 minutes just doing what was the last arrival the game slows down a lot when I see other players and when there are players where I am

It’s all about loading speed of the phone. More planes, more things to load. More wise people will respond. But, i say free storage on the phone and clear the cache as it helps me with slow speeds. I used clear cache when i download every update just as it seems to help me out!

Hi there! Here are some helpful tips that have helped other users.

  • Delete the app from your devices settings, you want to install a fresh build instead of updating over the old build.

  • Update your iOS

  • Once complete those close all apps and power down your device.

  • Reboot and relaunch Infinite Flight.

You may have to adjust your graphics settings and aircraft count to find a good performance balance after all of this.

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I can provide some good insight here, as I also have an iPhone 6.

Unfortunately the iPhone 6 is getting to the stage where it’s processor chip isn’t always going to be up to the standard you may like. That’s just what happens with technology, and until something revolutionary comes out, it’s something we all have to live with. Now there are a few possible causes for this issue.

  1. The servers are much busier since the release of the CRJ. Loading a higher aircraft count will always slow your device down. How much it slows down depends on the device. To see if this is the case, I’d recommend spawning in a different airport away from heavy traffic (I’d recommend somewhere in Antarctica)

  2. The CRJ is the most complex aircraft ever released in Infinite Flight. It has been built from the ground up with brand new physics engines, features, and mechanics. These upgrades may also cause noticeable performance decreases in older devices like the iPhone 6. I’d recommend lowering some settings in order to try and compensate for the new features.

  3. Make sure your internet connection is stable. Unstable internet connections will almost always cause performance issues in Infinite Flight.

I’d also recommend carrying out the steps suggested by @Levet above. At the very least they’ll act as a good safeguard for your device performance. One practice I have adopted is to restart my device prior to every flight, to keep things fresh.

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I lower settings everything to the maximum is still the same I think it is not the processor because I have flown on an iPhone 5s and it runs the same not so much as the 6 but when they launched the CRJ the iPhone 5s slows down too and when flight is removed how slow I also put all the graphics etc low to the maximum and remains the same and now try to do what they told me and it resolved me a no longer is as it was before … Still the iPhone 6 does not become so old is that Infinite Flight still have not solved the problem with the server and the new details of the new plane that only happens to me when I see more CRJ with other planes does not happen to me even I can be using the CRJ and other people other planes and I do not know put like this … Also my phone brings the graphics by default when I install the app!

Thanks was improved as it was before it was inposible but now it is more fluid

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