the game stop every time I'm flying

What is your aircraft count set to?

are you talking about how many aircrafts I can see, if so, it’s Medium

Try setting it to low and see if that helps.

Ok I’ll try, and I just entered the APP now and there was an update, you can confirm me if there were any airport updates or anything.

Yes there was a new airport and navigation update.

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I think I’ll have to do another flight and then let you know if it worked or not if you have another suggestion you can tell me, meanwhile you’re going to wait a little longer until I finish the flight.

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You might have a bunch of replays that are filling up your memory. Try deleting those and see if that helps

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well guys yesterday I made a 7 hour flight and it was no problem, of course I will continue watching the game in the next few days but for now it’s okay, I think, thank you for all your help.

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