the game stop every time I'm flying

Hello everyone, I need help with my game, it’s been a week since I’m having this problem, I can not finish the flight any time I start the flight after some time flying the phone simply stop the game, I’ll make it clear that I took a look at all the topics I tried everything that was generated to solve the problem and it did not work, so if I do not know what my problem really is I ask please do not comment, leave it to the moderators and developer.
my device is Alcatel IDOL 4, android current version.


What are your current graphic settings like? Does a message appear before crashing?

Did you download the game from the play store?

I put everything in the lowest resolution

  • LOW
  • FAST

yes i did.
It’s been two years since I got the game, and all the updates are current.

And this issue has just started happening?

Yes it started already a week ago I can only do ATC and short flights

You may want to try the following and see if it makes a difference.

  • Reboot your device before a flight
  • Make sure all background apps are closed (twitter, facebook, etc)
  • What does your graphics settings look like? Can you share a screen shot?
  • Ensure you have a solid internet connection.

The app just ending like that is usually a sign that the operating system killed it for lack of resources. The above may help. You can also try to do an uninstall/reinstall if the above doesnt help.



Put “Low Power Mode” on. It’s in General at the bottom.

Also make sure you are NOT using an android based low battery manager. Sometimes these can have a drastic impact on IF performance.

but I can use the LOW POWER MODE system, in the configurations, right

Can you clarify what you mean with

Is it freezing, crashing, etc?

And yes you can use the low power mode in the app

for example I’m doing a flight of 10 hours after at least 5 hours it stop the game and back to my home screen, without freezing anything.
Sorry for the delay I was restarting my PC.


Do not use the low power mode in your battery settings. Only use the low power mode which is in the infinite flight settings.

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So it crashes then, that can happen because of overload on the device, I think you should try the in app battery saver, turn down brightness, have no other apps running and do anything to keep your battery working less, maybe use a camera that don’t need much load

Any battery saving precautions really

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I don’t see any other reason why the app would crash than overload, if you can try these measures, I think the mods should keep this topic open until you report back if it works :)

ok I changed all the settings as suggested, by precaution I reinstalled the game and rebooted my device, now I’m going to make a long haul flight and see how it will react and tomorrow I’ll tell you know if it worked or not, thanks for the help guys.

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No problem, I always try to help :)

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so I want to inform you that unfortunately it did not worked but it was different this time, I made a 10 hour flight from EHAM to FIMP, and during the whole flight I was monitoring and see if anything could happen and nothing happened until I reached the destination, I usually arrived at the destination and started the descent and when I reached 14000ft 10 minutes away from my destination, happened what ever happens, the game left without freezing or anything and went to my home screen, and in the background You can still see the game but when I try to go back it restarts everything.
two years I use the same phone and even after the update of the IF I never had any problem and it only started 9 days ago, and in that period of time I did not add anything on my cell phone and did not erase anything, it is completely the way I always been.

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