The game keeps ending on my iPad and going back to the homeScreen

Has anybody else had this issue starting to taxi or fly or after a long haul flight land. The game freezes and start over in the iPad home screen. I have tried restarting my device, deleting the app and re-downloading it, and slowing down the graphics. Nothing seems to work and it’s very frustrating especially after a long haul flight.

Just to clear something up… What you’re saying is that after a longhaul flight, you proceed to go begin another flight without quitting the app, however the app crashes when you attempt to do this?

If @Chris_Hoover is right, then you’re causing the problem yourself. You should let your device sit for a while after you do a long haul.

What gen of I pad do you fly on?

@Altaria55 is probably right about this, let the Ipad “rest” for a little after you use it. Also if it continues to do it after resting, than you should always fly at lower graphics.