The game isn't running smoothly

So, like everyone in IFC I was very excited about the new update (amazing update btw thanks IF) and decided to make a flight from VTBS to VHHH with the new (amazing) Thai A330.
When I moved the picture it got stuck a bit but not something terrible.
So, I made the flight and got impressed from the livery every two minutes and then I reached the final of HKG.
As more as I got closer to the airport the picture got stuck and stuck until I couldn’t see anything. (I’m talking about 20 seconds per move) and my landing was kinda worst ever.
The airplane count was on medium and the rendering on best.
Now tell me, do I really need to set the graphics to a situation that I can only see pixels painted with Thai livery when approaching busy airports so I can land safely? Please help


How did you update? Did you fully delete the app first?

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Yes, I did

Hello @rubinedan , thank you for contacting us here on the forum. Before we proceed could you please include a better description of the device you are using and the operating system. Also providing information that includes your graphic settings in the app before you load into the servers (begin a flight) will help us too. Staff is actively working some other threads, they are trying to reproduce things but we need more information to better assist users. Thanks again, Chris

I’m using teclast t10 and I used best graphics (2nd)

Actually I’ve noticed that now the game is running smoothly with high graphics! Thanks IF for whatever you’ve done to fix that!

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