The game is randomly downloading planes

I know that this has been posted before, but the topic was closed and I’m experiencing this issue myself.

The game has definitely been randomly downloading planes, today I downloaded only the A380 and promptly after I started my flight I found a notification telling me my phone’s storage was full. Nicht gut.

I decided to continue on course to Dubai, but found towards the end of my flight I found terrain was not loading. I knew with this issue the airport might not even load, so I went into my phone’s storage to free up my space, came back to the app and it crashed. Nicht gut.

This is a pretty severe issue for me as it’s causing me to have to clear my Infinite Flight data every few days, meaning I have to sign in again, and redownload planes, and lose my flight log.

This issue has persisted since I got the global update, and I’m on android.

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Go under your settings and under live there is a setting for this

These planes download when you see them in live… I suggest you free up some space in your phone and this problem will not be an issue.


There is not, that is for cellular data only.

That’s the problem, I only have 8gb to play with (5gb once OS is accounted for) and Google apps take up a chunk of app storage too, meaning I only have about 2gb to use for all my apps.

How much storage does your device have?

I’ll see if setting planes shown to Very Low will solve the issue, but I’m pretty sure I had it on when I was in Heathrow today.

I also recommend you fly to smaller and less busy airports too.
Good luck!


To increase storage, I would go to applications and delete the updates for apps that came with the phone that you don’t need and disable them, that should free up some storage. Also delete all shortcuts/ widgets and try and delete as many photos as possible. IF doesn’t take that much space from downloading aircrafts rather from streaming global imagery which is inevitable if you want to play IF Pro.

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