The game is crashing

Hello my people I have a problem I was in KLAX right now and there is a lot of traffic and I do not understand the game, it crashed me and I tried to restart my cell and I went back to the game and it took a while and out of nowhere I crashed again. That has me in bad condition in klax the game collapses nose now because there is a lot of traffic but it is uncomfortable having my flight plan.

Maybe your having a memory shortage, do you have any other apps in the background?

only flightasistant

Its probably because too many people are in online, try going to a less busy area or server.

You make this post sound as if it’s killing you literally.

  • Cellular or WiFi?
  • did you clear the scenery cache?
  • turn off in flight assistant
  • did you close all other apps?

Your going to be ok you will survive just hold on a bit longer. Don’t go Into the light


Check this thread to make sure you are using the optimal settings for your device:

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still crashing
I have a Iphone 6

Help us help you

still crashing the game I did all that right now the game crashed

What about somewhere other then LAX? Are you on WiFi or cellular?

Im using wifi network

Does it crash immediately anyone where other then LAX?

Such as solo or casual, or just another airport in general?

was in online only i was waiting for my takeoff and then pun the game crashed inmediately

Try another airport or turn your airplane count to low. You could also take down the rendering a bit.

Hello guys. I´m tipping from Brazil and It’s my first time in the forum here …

Yesterday I updated my game in the Play Store. After that I could not get into the takeoff / taxi screen any more.
Comes the audio of the motors, but the game locks and no more comes out of the loading screen, before the screen for calibration …

My Equipment:

Sunvell T95Z Plus TV Box
Android 7.1
2.0GHz,Octa Core
2GM Ram

Thaks for help

I recommend you create a separate topic in the #support Category. To create a topic,press the create topic button,and change the category to support. Then we can help you from there!

Done! Thanks!