The game froze

I’m a huge fan of Infinite Flight, but what happened made me very upset. When I was taking a trip, a notification came from another app which caused the game to freeze, as I couldn’t complete it because the game buttons didn’t work even after closing the popup. I tried all methods to continue the trip, but to no avail. The only solution to activate the application buttons again was to restart the application. Thus, I lost the trip and had to restart it again. I hope there will be a solution to such a problem in the future.

At what point in your flight were you because if you were at cruise - Flight Resume should work and you should be able to continue your flight.

I was about to land.

Can you give us more details. What altitude were you at, server, did you have a flight plan, what was your rough eta to your destination. As Benny has said if you were at cruise and met the minimum criteria flight resume should save your flight.
Solo: at least 5,000 feet agl and no climb or descent
Multiplayer: above a certain altitude, on flight plan, at a constant flight altitude, 30 miniute eta to destination

There is nothing you can do then as you did not meet the flight resume criteria.

I was on expert server, but my question is: why the app crashed when another app pup-uo window appears?

You would be correct. Minimum altitude for flight resume is 5,000 feet solo or 28,000( I believe) on multiplayer

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I was on expert server, but my question is: why the app crashed when another app pup-up window appears?

We’d need more information to go into details.

It could be an OS issue.
It could also be a RAM issue.
Some users block all notification during a flight to prevent issues.

To help us help you, when creating an issue topic, always state the following information:

  • which device is being used
  • which OS version it is running
  • which IF version is installed

When you close the app without leaving the flight first, the last save (if there is one) should be available when you relaunch the app.
Did your flight meet the requirements at some point?

  • which device is being used

I use Xiaomi 12 Pro

  • which OS version it is running

Android 13

  • which IF version is installed

Infinite Flight - 24.1.1 (7342)-B5060E7C - Xiaomi 2201122G

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The minimum altitude for saving the flight is FL280 , and I was in 2400ft

The entire flight?

of course not، my cruise was FL280 , but I was in 2400ft when the problem happened

The important part here is at some point.
When your flight meets the requirements at some point during the flight and it is saved, that save should be available when you leave the app without ending the flights first.
Even when the app crashes after you landed.
Just closing the app without ending the flight first has the same effect.

What you say is absolutely 100% correct. But because short haul flight there is no need to save it.
But that was not an answer for what I had faced, did the app need to reinstall? and did any one faced the same issue?
And the major question is why the app crashed because of another app?

You do not need to reinstall the app.

Others have experienced this as well.
That’s why I already said that some users turn off notifications while flying to prevent issues.

You could do the same.

It would be good to know if it is a fluke or if this always happens when you get a notification.

Android can be tricky.
Sometimes it helps to not let the app be managed by the OS in terms of battery usage and set it to “Unrestricted”.

Android might also be killing background apps.
That might even happen when a notification pops up and IF is put in the background for a very short time.
See the following website for more information:

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actually, I’m sure it would continue, only at cruise

Thanks for your replay, it was very helpful

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No problem at all. :)
Please let us know what exactly helped you in your situation, because it might help others as well.

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Turning off notifications is absolutely the right thing to do, I thing that is the only solution I get it right now.

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