The game freezing and crashing on descent

I have an I-pad pro and every time I try and fly it keeps freezing and crashing it’s a 32G and it about 2 years old and it’s making Infinite un flyable and not a nice experience I recently did a 8 Hour long haul and it froze and crashed about 10 mins before landing with an another under 3:30 H flight and it still crashed it is running 13.3.1 it full title is and Apple 9.7 inch iPad Pro 32 GB

Constant crashes is a known issue. The devs think they have a solution that they are currently testing. Best to turn down your settings and wait for a hotfix.

I tried that it did not work at all

Please start here:

There are several iPad Pro models and your description is rather vague. So please do your best to elaborate on the issue more as well as device specifics.

They’re working on a fix as we speak, but no clue on a release.

Well, the most sensical way I can put it is, when something leaks, you have less of it available to consume, like milk or water. Since the RAM is “leaking”, the iPad has less of it available to devote to running Infinite Flight smoothly. Eventually, the RAM remaining from the leakage and being used will go so low, the game is forced to crash to free up enough RAM to keep the iPad operating.

You also mentioned that you have an iPad from the 2016 generation. Age, along with running iOS 13, can really take a toll on how smoothly Infinite Flight can run, because of all the files it has to be able to run at once.

But how does it cause the crashes and if they are gunna be fixing it

The model is a Apple 2016 iPad Pro 32 GB rose gold running IOS 13.3.1

They’re working on a solution.