The Game Freezed!

Before this happened, the game was normal. Then, the radio tab zoomed in, blocking view and access to aircraft controls. The next thing happened was when I pressed menu, the game freezed, not allowing changes to inputs made into the game(clicks to the options in the menu even doesn’t respond). When I reopened IF, it claimed that another device is using the app. Please fix this. If not mistaken, this happened to me before while playing in Training/Casual server.

Device: Samsung S23
Operating system: Android 13


It is often happening to me during the flight too

Hey there!

Thanks for the report. The issue with the ATC menu taking up the whole screen has been resolved and a fix will be included in a future release (see the post linked below).

As for the “Your account is already being used on another device” message, give it a few moments and it will sort itself out. Such behavior is not uncommon following app crashes. You can read more about it here.

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@Franklin_Putra_Utomo Just to rule out localized issues. Can you close Infinite Flight and restart your device? Then try again, let us know if you are still having this issue.

Thx so much for the info

Well that had been done few times

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