The game crashed at the most exciting part…

IPadOS 15.6.1
At first, everything went well.

But when I slowed down, the screen was black…


At the same time, my plane:
(It is very similar to the playback bug. The plane will get faster and faster.)

ATC:It seems that we need some fire trucks.

This is not the first time that the game has crashed. Last time it was when version 21.1 was first released last year. I thought it was just a small bug and didn’t pay much attention. I don’t know if it’s my problem. I’m afraid it will appear again. So I hope I can get some help.

which ipad are you using

it could just be you have graphics up to high for the ipad you have, and it would help if you told us which ipad you have (settings → general → about → model name)

consider lowing the graphics and 3d object count to lessen the demand you put on it

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