The GA Spotting Competition of the Decade

This is inspired by @Mattheus but is the GA (General Aviation) Version.

You may be wondering, IFC, how will we make even matches. Well. Each round will have a theme. The themes go in this order:

**1. Starting Round (Enterance Competition): Airliners.
2. Quarter-Finalists (Second Round): GA.
3. Semi-Finalists (Third Round):Choppers (Did not want to leave them out)
4. Finalists (Two People): Rare Catches

How will we determine who will move on?

Simple, we let the community decide. Pick the photo you like more, or think is better.

How will you get out?
If you are one of the spotters that submitted one of the 3 least popular photos!

People competing in the competition, you cannot vote. Please handle this like a trust bucket or a system like that as it is hard to enforce. If I find out you did, I will disqualify you and fill your position with a different person.


How do you submit? Simple, PM me your photo that fits the first round and I will post the thread when I have 12 Competitors

What will you win? I may send you a nice card of your picture if you win.

Good luck everyone! May the best spotter win!✈️📸

this wasn’t a thread copy I just simply used the design, Thanks


Well, I’m a student pilot for a single prop 😍

(If I can find the photo)

Just look at my profile pop-up lol

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Ok, @Ecoops123 PM it to me if you find it

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I like the idea of these Competitions, but I feel they’re getting a bit excessive now. One normal one should be more than enough, before we have one per category, Eg. Jets, Boeing, Airbus, Cargo, America, etc.

My recommendation is to make the Topic more appealing with Graphics and Images. And instead, just make one for all types of aircraft, not just one single category @ThePlaneFlyer


Ok @Starz I’m the organiser for the GA one now - like the photo?

Actually easier one: just upload the clip of me flying 😂. This was my first ever time btw in and out of rain, with a lot of changing winds.


So you want me to do a airliners carogory too - ok

Your not getting the point. I’m saying make one general one for every category.

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intensely screams

Why you bully me?

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I not bully

The one to which I own the rights to.

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