The G-Force Challenge

Tech is back with another challenge!

This challenge will be split into two groups.

Challenge 1: The G-Force challenge

Your task is to reach the highest positive or negative G-Force. Even if you only experience it for a second, it’s counted.

(My score: 29.5 and -5.0)

Challenge 2: The sustained G-Force challenge

The G-Force must be held for at least 15 seconds. No nose-ups counted.

(My score: 5.3 for 25 seconds & -0.5 G for 11 seconds)

Don’t forget to send some photos!

Please note:
Do NOT ever think or dream of doing this in real life!!!
No fighters, space shuttles or any similar aircraft allowed.
Nose-ups or nose-downs are NOT counted for challenge 2 (that means if you manage 15 seconds of -2G while your nose is up, it is not counted).
Consultation of airlines is not encouraged.
If you pull off 15G, I strictly advise you to never fly a real plane.
If you pull off 100G, I advise you to stop hacking.
Using the Air Force One is discouraged.
Crashing is allowed and encouraged.
This challenge is reserved for non-pilots, not real pilots who are likely to fly an aircraft with more than 10 passengers within the next 48 hours.
Do NOT try to attempt this on Live!

I will not be responsible if anyone makes headline news by taking a plane full of innocent people and crashing it after being inspired by the challenge.


##Please only do this on the casual server or solo.


If I only could…


#Or on solo


Once we were doing a race on Casual in YSSY, we both flew the 787. I was going so fast, that the slightest movement would make the G-force up to 4, and that’s for just pitching the nose up a few degrees. The wings were flexing like crazy as well, it was like a bird.

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A319- Max Gs: 30


MaxSez: Let me remind you Peanuts, IF is a Simulator and not a game! Follow Mats guidance kids. Topics like this are a reflection of any participants in this type activities maturity and professionalism. There is no place here for "“Second Best”!


Wouldn’t really say IF is a sim… maybe once live displays occur, but not yet.

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@Giacomo_Lawrance… Max Sez: when you get Live GMan tell me bout it.


That’s just multiplayer. I had live for a month, still wouldn’t call it a sim.

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@Giacomo_Lawrance… MaxSez: Fix yr Bio! As you know Opinions are like #######’s. Gooday GMan.


I agree @Maxmustang!

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Shouldn’t this post be closed as it appears to be pretty unproductive?


I don’t have it any more. Key word was has.

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